Our company´s history

1932 Harald Schmerling (HS) is born in Szczecin .
1944 He moves to Neunkirchen
1948-51 He is trained as a motor winder at Siemens in Siegen
1951 Hired by Brown, Boveri & Cie. in Mannheim
1952-53 Foreign assignment in the United States
1962-65 Executes several major projects abroad. During these assignments in the field of power plants and equipment installation, Harald Schmerling notices the lack of appropriate tools and methods for safe and efficient installation of machinery and equipment.
1963 Back home arises the idea of developing a device to avoid the unsteady installation of metal sheets. On his own drawing board he sketches the first leveling jackscrew, and builds the first samples.
1965 Along with his brother he starts a company to keep developing these products and release them to the market. Gradually, the company develops several leveling jackscrews of different sizes and types to facilitate adjustment and installation. Marketing and distribution of jackscrews is entrusted to Schauter + Moos in Mannheim, Germany.
1999 The two brothers split up and decide to go their own way.
1999 The following generation founds Schäfer Montagetechnik , which keeps developing and selling their father´s ideas and products. From then on, the daughter and the son in law of Harald Schmerling run the business, while he stands by them to share his long experience.
2009 Foundation of the HS Nivelliertechnik GmbH as a result of sustained growth and increasing demand. The name change highlights the company's businesses growth.
Heike Weißer-Schäfer is appointed as managing director.