The different versions of the Jackscrews

In relation of the basements condition and the mounting instructions, we eventually deliver these jackscrews with the following options:

1. Axial bearing head
Use this type if the fundament is absolutely flat.

2. Pendulum bearing head
It will be used when the fundament is not flat.

3. Passing-through drilling
It allows the implementation of a foundation anchor.

4. Without bearing
This is used when the gap of the jackscrew is less than 30 mm

5. Threaded hole
It allows the attachment to the foundation anchor

6. HS AT - Adjustment from top, by drilling holes in the frame of your equipment.
This is - we call it - our “AT” type, which will be used, once the access to a standard HS jackscrew is not possible from the side, due to the construction or missing space at site.

Overview of our models: