Jackscrew types

Side adjustment
, underneath your equipment or machine.
Use this standard Jackscrew if the access to the base of your equipment or machine is possible. Operate with a standard wrench only.

1.Plastic mortar, 2. Finished floor, 3. Foundation, 4. Foundation bolt

Adjustment from top, by drilling holes in the frame of your equipment.

This is - we call it - our “AT” type, which will be used, once the access to a standard HS jackscrew is not possible from the side, due to the construction or missing space at site.
A combination of both types is possible for large platforms. In areas accessible from the side use the HS 45 standard model. In areas accessible only from the top of ​​the system, the HS 45 AT will be used.

1. Top of base frame, 2. Hex. Key wrench, 3. Top of foundation