We develop, manufacture and deliver quality products to facilitate you and your customers the exact positioning and leveling. Our jackscrews can make your vertical and horizontal Installation and movement faster, easier, and safer than any other method we are aware of.

We are positive, that you will also provide your customers with only high-quality products and systems, cause they also have high expectations for quality, service and delivery reliability. We help you satisfy your customers desire.

Our strongest motivation is to achieve the highest standards of ourselves and our products. For this reason, we seek to ensure that our jackscrews arrive on time and without defect at your site We operate a 100% output control and we usually ship one day before the promised delivery date.

We see ourselves as your partner and aim for a sustainable partnership. A partnership with long term mutual benefits. For this purpose, we offer long-term time or quantity contracts that give your business planning security. We´re glad to keep developing a product that represents an added value for you or your customers, thus you will always be a step ahead.

We feel comfortable and reach an optimum performance in an environment of respect and trust. We treat all correspondence and information concerning your company as confidential, and under no circumstances it will be released.

We are environmentally aware and responsible. For this reason we produce or employ within our area with no exception. We want to support our region and avoid unnecessary CO2 pollution of our environment.

We comply with the ethical principles of the Code of the International Chamber of Commerce and the respective national legislation. Reason is, we believe that only a moral and ethical conduct can be the basis for a longterm success.