Applications and mission

For the installation of machinery and equipment, bridge construction, civil and public buildings, chemical and petrochemical industrial plants and equipment, the exact and efficient placement of different machines and systems is vital.

HS-jackscrews achieve a secure and accurate installation and leveling.

HS jackscrews are placed between foundation and base frame or sole plate, and, if necessary, additionally fixed with plastic mortar.

1. Plastics mortar

2. Finished floor
3. Foundation
4. Foundation bolt

Once your device is in place, height adjustment is carried out by the HS-Jackscrew with a standard wrench. The AT variant can be set from the top with a hex wrench.

When the desired position is reached, the device can be fixed with foundation bolts. This anchoring prevents your object in floating or moving during the subsequent casting.

Afterwards, the HS jackscrews and the base of the structure or the machinery base plate are fixed with concrete.

By the use of the HS-jackscrews you´ll be able level out your machine or system quickly and with absolute precision. You also reduce the setup time and the need of a crane, compared to setting up with stack of sheet.

HS-jackscrews can also be used as tools for movements such as lifting, lowering and moving. We deliver with mounting plates having threaded holes, so that they can be flanged immediately to your system.

• Fans
• Pumps
• Compressors
• Platforms for chemical and petrochemical plants.
• Pipelines and pumping stations.
• Dryers
• Production lines in the automotive industry
• Prototyping
• Building construction
• Measuring tables